Case Study

How a Form Capital design sprint is helping Soufflé Club iterate quickly and find product-market fit

Getting from zero to one ain’t easy. Finding product-market fit is the most difficult leg of a startup’s journey, with rare exception.

Early, rapid product design exploration is a critical part of that hunt for product-market fit.

At Form Capital, we offer design sprints with each investment. Each sprint is custom tailored for a given startup’s needs. They can cover anything from branding, packaging, onboarding flows, marketing, to iconography. In this case, Form partnered with Soufflé to help iterate on new product UI.

Soufflé Club is a platform to discover the smartest folks in tech. Every week 3 new questions are posted - asked by an expert in their field. All answers are anonymous while users upvote their favorites. After the voting period ends, the authors are revealed & the most upvoted author is rewarded.

It’s a clever mechanic which elevates new voices—rather than just those with the biggest followings.

While they still have a long journey ahead, the team at Soufflé Club are well on their way to finding product-market fit. We at Form Capital were honored to help them explore these iterations for the first few steps of their startup journey.

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