Case Study

How Form helped Basedash reimagine its brand for a product refresh

Basedash makes it possible for anyone to collaboratively manage a database with the ease of editing a spreadsheet. After our investment, Form worked with Basedash to craft an updated visual brand to more accurately reflect the quality and approachability of their product. This brand overhaul was launched alongside a product update in Summer 2021.

Basedash logo and wordmark by Form

A Form Brand Sprint typically begins with thorough research project to identity and agree upon our collective goals for success. We worked with Basedash founder, Max Musing, and Bashdash designer, Tom Johnson, to identify their core values and product personality while identifying the key audiences the brand would be crafted for. This research leads to a variety of explorations and serves as a north star for our decision making process.

Moodboards, sketches, and explorations

Our brand work with Basedash empowered Max and his team to continue working on their core product while we kept their brand refresh on track. Our final deliverables included logos and wordmark, typography specifications, and color palettes for product and marketing use.

Brand typography
Logo construction
Basedash color palette
Basedash social media icons

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