A new early-stage fund from Bobby Goodlatte & Josh Williams that invests real design expertise alongside seed capital.

A new form of investing

Form Capital offers more than just a check. We offer design sprints with each of our seed investments. Our sprints cover everything from branding and pitch decks to packaging and product UX flows — all at zero cost to founders.

Real work, real value

We don't aspire to be thought leaders. We aim to get our hands dirty by working alongside founders. We've built our firm from the bottom-up to offer real, tangible design support — not just advice & intros.

Design delivers returns

The difference between failure and success can be as simple as a core product flow optimized for fewer taps or a pitch deck that helps raise the next round. We invest in founders who recognize the impact good design can have, and we support them with actual design and recruiting resources.


Our angel portfolio includes startups like Coinbase, Envoy, Linear, and Figma. Our design portfolio includes companies like Squarespace, Stripe, and Quip.

Bobby Goodlatte

An angel investor in Coinbase, Envoy, Linear, and over 40 startups, Bobby started his career at Facebook as their first designer on User Growth in 2008. Later he was lead designer for Facebook Photos, one of the most used products on the internet.


Josh Williams

As a design partner specializing in brand and product, Josh has worked with over 30 startups including Squarespace, Quip, Stripe, Breaker, and Astro (acquired by Slack). He was also co-founder and CEO of Gowalla (acquired by Facebook).



The future isn't predicted, it's built. We partner with visionary founders who pull the future into the present.


Collaborative version-control and publishing for professional document creators.

Case Study


Adam Nathan
Dan Bartlett
Taylor Thompson


Edit your database with the ease of a spreadsheet.

Case Study


Max Musing


An augmented reality social game. Coming 2021.

Case Study


Josh Williams
Patrick Piemonte


A developer-friendly automated payroll solution for gig economy workers.

Case Study


Kirti Shenoy
Pranab Krishnan


A simple and powerful monetization platform for podcasters.

Case Study


Jason Sew Hoy


A professional community of the most recommended founders, engineers, designers, and investors in the industry.

Case Study


Pradeep Muthukrishnan
Soumya Santhanakrishnan

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We aim to be the most valuable partner relative to check size on a founder's cap table.

What kinds of companies does Form in invest in?

All kinds. We don’t try to predict the future — founders do that. Our past deals have clustered around fintech, enterprise, developer tools, and social. But we love it when a visionary founder leads us to a new way of thinking.

How much does Form typically invest?

Our initial investment ranges from $150,000 to $250,000. We're eager to support our companies with follow-on investments and design support.

Do you ask for better terms in exchange for your design support?

No. We tend to invest alongside seed or series A funds, and we do not ask for preferential terms. We earn our place on your cap table through our hands-on design support. The sprints we offer cost founders nothing.

What if we don't need a design sprint?

We're happy to just write a check like every other seed fund. That said, we love getting creative with the scope of our design sprints, and are happy to help in other areas like design recruiting.

Can I just hire the Form team? (I don't need investment.)

We’re not for hire, but we’d love to partner with you. We believe the alignment of interests that comes with investment is better for all parties than the traditional client–agency relationship.

Does Form have a thesis?

Form is a thesis-agnostic firm. We believe by the time a narrow thesis is formulated, it’s generally too late for seed investors. For example, no fund had a crypto thesis when we invested in Coinbase in 2013. We’re eager to empower thesis-defying founders who kick off new technology waves all by themselves.

What's the best way to contact Form?

The best way to get in touch is through an email intro. If that’s not an option, you can email us at pitches@formcapital.com.